SP Area Summary

Faculty and students in the Social and Personality Area conduct basic, scientific research on foundational topics such as attitudes, attributions, stereotypes, decisions, emotions, personality traits, relationships, groups, culture, and social motivation. They also conduct research on a variety of topics related to important social issues and real-world applications, such as, forgiveness and apology, social power, stress and coping, jury decision-making and sexual assault, romantic relationships and sexual health, empathy, cross-cultural psychology, minority status and inter-group conflict, stereotyping and prejudice, and immigration. Students’ scientific and applied training is developed further through research and/or applied practica in the laboratories of Faculty and at organizations and settings outside the University. For more information about the area, contact the Area Coordinator, Ward Struthers, struther@yorku.ca, also http://www.psych.yorku.ca/sp/.